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About EFIB in Belgium

EFIB in Belgium is the federation of BNP Paribas Fortis independent bank and insurer agents. BNP Paribis Fortis is active worldwide, as insurance agents or as bank and/or insurance agents, depending on the location.

EFIB strategy

The federation’s goals are:

  • To represent and support the professional interests of its member agents
  • To ensure continuity in the different agent distribution channels
  • To unite its member agents in a collegial and cooperative manner
  • To strengthen and facilitate debate and to assure a permanent dialogue between its member agents
  • To research all professional issues which might be of concern to member agents. This includes for instance the study of legal, fiscal, economic, social and commercial problems relating to member agents’ professional activities. Furthermore, to organize information and/or training sessions regarding aforementioned professional issues
  • To act as a spokesperson for the Federation and to represent and support its member agents’ interests towards Fortis, the government, the media, all other authorities, institutional organizations and associations.
  • To organize contact and discussions with (professional) associations and federations in the larger financial and insurance sector
  • To set up cooperation agreements or to join national or international associations or federations which pursue similar interests
  • To promote a generally accepted professional ethic for independent agents

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